The start of MundialitoTV. You’ll be able to watch from every dispositive, mobile phone, tablet, pc/laptop and from all over the world: matches on streaming, best goals, Player MVP, News, interviews in the Mixed Zone, Mundialito Inside, rankings and more!

We’ll be streaming live our big Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony and Finals as well.

Access to your videos and share them at any moment with your fans, friends and family, even in social media!

Rewatch the highlights of every game. Compare your own statistic and ranking with other players.

Gift after inscripcion: once the inscription for the tournament has been paid, the participants will get their right to register in MundialitoTV.

From April 4th, they’ll be able to access to our channel and watch the games and all the extra content that will be available in MundialitoTV.

Your family and friends can also register and buy the MundialitoTV Package to see you playing live from wherever they are.

Price of the package on presale: 10€ per person and dispositive. Paymentbycredit/card.

You can also get it during the tournament in the mundialito tv stand in the fanzone at Mundialito Center.

Price will be 12€ per person and dispositive.

Payment by credit/debit card or cash.