We’re on the 27th edition of the real Mundialito, the original, we own the brand and the intellectual property worldwide.

The moment has come to tell the world that more than 100k players between boys and girls have played from almost 100 countries and the 5 continents.

And according to our data, there are more than 600 profesional football players (Men’s Football and Women’s Football) who played in Mundialito when they were young.

And not only them, there are a lot of players in the inferior categories in different countries and others taking their first steps in the main leagues of international football.

Mundialito is about to become a social-sportive phenomenon being the best tournament for future international players.

It is expected that more than 35/40% of the players who will participate in Qatar 2022 played in Mundialito when they were young.

Ricardo Godoy - Former Football Player - Coach
Founder of Mundialito

"The limits of dreams are in the mind, but the power to reach them is in the heart”
Ricardo Godoy