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E.I.F. Ricardo Godoy

About us

Our organization was created in 1990 in Mendoza (Argentina) under the name of “Escuela Internacional de Fútbol Ricardo Godoy”. Today is recognized all over the world. We have reached 29 years of experience in 2019.

We have worked in Argentina, Spain and Portugal and we collaborated to develop children’s football in Cuba, Angola, Morocco, Mauritania and Mali. Our teams have travelled around the world.

In 2016 we have created our Foundation in Mali under the name of “FUNDACION CANARIA ESCUELA INTERNACIONAL DE FUTBOL RICARDO GODOY DE MALI” to work in solidarity campaigns and promote football.

In all these years, we have achieved a continuity in our services, working hard every day to move forward with our football programs and future projects, such as Mundialito and Pre-Mundialito.

In addition, our school owns the “football museum”, with more than 6.000 objects and the T-shirts of the most important football players in the world.
Our organization has become an international sports management group, becoming the largest group organizing sports events in the world.

A real Worldcup

Mundialito 2020 will be our 27th edition in a row.

The founder of Mundialito are Ricardo Godoy, Argentine former football player and Nilda Gutierrez, Degree in Physical Education and Sport.

Mundialito started in Mendoza (Argentina) and it was celebrated in the Canary Islands and in Portugal before arriving to la Costa Daurada (Catalonia - Spain) in 2017

Our compromise with the Municipality of Cambrils has been ratified in 2018 with the signing of a 4-year contract.

Mundialito has become the biggest youth football tournament in the world, where more than 5.000 little players from more than 40 countries come to play a real world-cup.

We’re increasing our categories for Mundialito 2020, including Men’s Football, Women’s Football (Football 7 and 11).

In addition, we will have the “Mundialito Baby Experience”, for children from 4 to 6 y/o.

We hope to reach 8.000 participants and about 500 teams in 2020.

In 2018 we started our Pre-Mundialito program, qualifying tournaments for Mundialito around the world. The first edition was celebrated in Japan (2018).


We own the brands Mundialito and Pre-Mundialito, registered in Spain, European Community, Arabian Countries and Australia.

We also own the intellectual property of Mundialito and Pre-Mundialito in all formats (logos and trademarks).